CJ 1 – Budget Spray Booth

The Model CJ 1 Budget Spray Booth is an entry level Spray Booth.

  • A Standard Internal Spray Booth with dimensions: 6,9m (L) x 3,9m (W) x 2,9m (H).

  • The spray booth dimensions can be changed to meet your requirements.

  • The structure is manufactured from insulated panels.

  • Spray booth lights are installed along both sides of the spray booth length wise at ceiling level.

  • The ceiling is equipped with an intake filter system which filters all incoming air into the spray booth when the extraction system is activated.

  • The spray booth extraction system comprises of an extraction fan fitted with either a single phase or 3 phase motor, depending on the site requirement.

  • The face of the extraction filter system is fitted with ‘Fiberglass Paint Arrestor Media’ which is inexpensive and readily available.

  • The spray booth is installed with 3m exhaust ducting. Should additional ducting be required in order to exhaust 1m above the roof level of your premises, this could be supplied as well.

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