CJ 2 – Entry Level Spray Booth

The Model CJ 2 Spray Booth is our entry level model and is a down draft extraction system.

  • The spray booth dimensions can be changed to meet your requirements.

  • The exhaust system is equipped with a single stage filter exhaust system.

  • The spray booth is equipped with the required lighting on both sides along the length of the ceiling.

  • All induced air into the spray booth is filtered prior to entering the intake system.

  • The air is then induced into the spray booth via the ceiling cavity which is also fitted with the highest quality filter media.

  • The spray booth is placed under a positive pressure and all spray and fumes are forced downward into the false basement.

  • The exhausted air is filtered and expelled to the atmosphere.

  • The spray booth is fitted with a baking system which is fuelled either by diesel oil or gas, depending on your preference. Additional information in regards to the baking system will be supplied upon request.

  • The spray booth is installed with 3m exhaust ducting. Should additional ducting be required in order to exhaust 1m above the roof level of your premises, this could be supplied as well.