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With the current situation regarding the Covid 19 virus, Brasco will be offering clients a specialised deep cleaning, fumigation and sanitising services.


Due to the virus being able to survive 72 hours on surfaces such as glass, wood, metal and other materials, it is of vital importance to ensure your environment is cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

Brasco has 19 years experience in industrial cleaning and sanitisation. Brasco has a patented system, unique to South Africa that was used during the Listeriosis outbreak. It is essential that cleaning and sanitisation happen daily to facilities that are open during an outbreak such as the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus has quickly gained a reputation for being particularly insidious. It can survive on surfaces for up 72 hours and people infected by the virus don’t show symptoms until approximately two weeks after infection, making it difficult to track and contain. This is why having a trusted professional cleaning and sanitisation company on your side is so important.


  • Shopping malls

  • Hospitals

  • Pharmacies

  • Offices

  • Call centres

  • Canteens

  • Warehouses

  • Public transport / vehicles / taxis

  • Places of education

  • Restaurants

  • Government buildings

  • Military camps & buildings

  • Gyms

  • Public Toilets

  • Schools

  • Canteens

  • Storerooms

  • Commercial Kitchens

  • Play Areas

  • Hotels

Pricing on request




Brasco preforms a manual application of Organic Fresh® Chemical to surfaces by use of an atomization spraying device. 

In order for effective sanitization to take place, the area will need to be evacuated for a maximum of 60 minutes for our team to come in and manually spray the disinfecting chemical on all countertops, shelves, doors and handles, trolleys, pay points, etc. A fine mist will settle on all surfaces and dry within a few minutes. Its advised that the store is only occupied 30 minutes after application is completed as it takes 30 minutes for the chemical to actively break down any contamination.

This method ensures that all surfaces/touch points that may have been infected by an infected customer/employee is sanitized even those areas that may not have been cleaned by daily, regular cleaning.

Sanitising Tunnel

Brasco offers a comprehensive AmpaMist solution to decrease infection rates in your workplace. We have developed a portable and mobile unit which is suited for any type of business sector including commercial, industrial, educational, recreational and mining sectors.

When entering the tunnel, a sensor activates the misting technology which sanitizes one’s entire body with Organic Fresh® Chemical in seconds, removing any germs that one may have been in contact with prior to entering your premises. 

This sanitising tunnel can also be placed at your receiving bay of stores and be used as a goods pass-through tunnel. Where the goods from the delivery truck are packed on a trolley and pushed through the tunnel. This will ensure that all stock entering the store is sanitized before being packed onto the shelves. The idea behind this is the fact that the manual sanitizing cannot reach products at the back of the shelves so would deem the manual sanitization pointless if those back products had been infected by a person in the chain of getting it from production to the shelves in store.

Made in SOUTH AFRICA, including the structure, the side cladding, the pump system and the energy supply.


The Misting System Includes:

  • Portable 220V/12V mist system

  • Rugged plastic suitcase on wheels

  • 10m x 6mm pipe

  • 8 x plastic mister bodies

  • 1 x 60L plastic water tank on wheels

  • Pump with inverter

  • 1 x Solar panel

  • 1 x Charger controller

  • 1 x Inline particle filter

  • 1 x Motion sensor


Sanitising Tunnel Components: 


  •     Light durable steel frame (square tubing)

  •     Polycarbonate cladding (walls and roof)

  •     Easily assembled


Sanitising Tunnel Dimensions:


  • 3m tunnel         3m (l) 1.5m (w) 2.3m (h) 

  • 2m tunnel         2m (l) 1.5m (w) 2.3m (h) 

  • 1m tunnel         1m (l) 1.5m (w) 2.3m (h)  


Optional Extras


Signage for Unit

Should you like to brand your unit- please advise and we can assist with signage. We have a standard package that includes entrance and exit signs, 2 side panels / sign for your company branding and entrance signs:

Material: All ABS 1.5mm 

Total of 6 signs per unit comprising of the following: 


  • Side Panel x 2 (Size:2400x300mm)

  • Entrance x 2 (Size:1500x180mm)

  • Exit/Entrance above doorway (Size:1000x150mm) 

  • Total 6 signs 

Temperature Screening System​

The system adopts an infrared radiation measurement technique to measure body temperature by non-contact means. It provides audio alarms when a person with elevated temperature passes by.

Suitable for places with a relatively large flow of people such as factories, transportation hubs, shopping centres, schools and office buildings. 

  • Measurement Range 30~45°C 

  • Fever Detection Accuracy ± 0.5°C 

  • Measuring Distance 0.15m – 2m

Non-slip carpet Underneath the Unit

Dependant on the floor where the tunnel will be placed, you might need a carpet if you are concerned about the floor becoming slippery or stained. This will also ensure that the soles of everyone entering the tunnels shoes are sanitized as the carpet will be damp from the residue of the spraying sanitizer.

The extremely durable nylon mat for optimal dirt and moisture absorption in highly requested areas. These mats are perfectly suited for the busiest areas due to their absorption rate and slip-resistant rubber backing. Perfect to use for business entrances, receptions, misting tunnels and high foot traffic areas, allowing for absorption of dirt and moisture.


  • 2-year guarantee

  • 100% PVC free


  • Durable nylon surface

  • Good Dirt-catching performance

  • Slip and abrasion resistant

  • Light and colourfast


 Colour Available:  Midnight Grey ONLY. Lead times may be affected with current production restrictions.


  • Strip Curtain at Entrance and Exit of Sanitizing Tunnel

If the tunnel is being placed in windy environments, we suggest adding a strip curtain at the entrance and exit of the tunnel to ensure that the sanitizing mist isn’t getting blown out of the tunnel instead of onto whoever is entering it.


  • Installation/Assembly

The sanitising unit is a DIY unit but if you don’t feel comfortable assembling it, we do offer an installation service.


Benefits of Using the Brasco AmpaMist Tunnel: Summary


  1. Fully portable, our units were designed with full Portability in mind. Portability of unit has a patent

  2. Light weight, easy for 1 person to assemble 

  3. 2 different power variances, energy supply (220V / 12V charged by a Solar panel) 

  4. Misters emit a super fine mist, enough to cover a human from top to bottom in less than 5 seconds

  5. Calculated positioning of misters 

  6. The tunnel is specially designed to control the ventilation inside the unit for the sanitiser to be distributed as required to ensure efficiency. 

  7. The tunnel has a knock-together design for easy assembly. Each side of the structure is designed and pre-assembled with precision to allow the client to assemble with ease

  8. A few knocks with a rubber mallet and a few secure-in clips to prevent the separation of the structure from the cladding, the result is not only a visually aesthetic but a stable and effective structure 

  9. The cladding and steel structure are already fitted into each side 

  10. We also offer the cladding as advertising space as these tunnels will been found all around the world and will promote plenty of exposure 

  11. From start to finish this system is made in SOUTH AFRICA, including the structure, the side cladding, the misting system, energy supply and Sanitiser 

  12. 100% guarantee on all components (offered only with the monthly service option)  

  13. We offer a National and African distribution network 

  14. This system is self-contained and has a low consumption usage of chemicals and energy, providing your business with a cost-effective solution 

  15. The pump, battery, charger controller and inverter is secured inside a waterproof rugged plastic suitcase 

  16. The piping containing the misters comes pre-fitted each section for easy connection once structure is assembled 

  17. The battery supplied can supply power for an estimated duration of 45 hours without be charged, but due to the solar panel connected permanently the power supply has no restrictions (provided there is sun light) 

  18. A motion sensor will switch the pump on, and a timer will be pre-set to allow 5 seconds per person to walk through the tunnel to eliminate any wastage of sanitiser 

  19. Chemical is not Ethanol or alcohol based so it is harmless to spray directly onto people and harmless to inhale. (See benefits of Organic Fresh on the website)

  20. Wheelchair and trolley friendly (no tripping hazard) 

  21. Pet friendly  

  22. Asthma / Pregnancy safe  

  23. Exclusivity agreement with chemical manufacturer


Mobile Misting Unit Patent Number: 2019/01166


1.(used for manual sanitization and in the tunnel)

Organic Fresh® General Sanitiser is a non-alcohol-based general sanitiser consisting of a carefully formulated complex of unique C4L Technology flavonoids and extracts with extensively researched sanitary, environmentally friendly and food save benefits, manufactured through CERES certified organic compliant processes.


The Technology

Organic Fresh® General Sanitiser is a 100% natural Biocide formulated from botanical sourced substances.

Organic Fresh® General Sanitiser acts through a process of cell wall intrusion, complexation of key cations and disruption of protein functioning. Several ingredients act as powerful wetting and penetrating agents to permeate outer cell defences, then transport other key ingredients to protein sites, thus disrupting normal functioning. 

Through these mechanisms Organic Fresh® General Sanitiser effectively and efficiently suppresses various pathogenic cellular organisms such as bacteria, fungi and moulds, and non-cellular organisms such as viruses on all surface areas.

All ingredients are food safe. Rated up to the strength of a hospital grade disinfectant 2,3 it stands alone as a safe and non-toxic yet powerful germ killer.


Advantages of Use:

  • Organic Fresh® General Sanitiser can safely and effectively be applied as surface and general sanitiser in programmes and protocols aimed at improving the health and wellness of people and populations.

  • Organic Fresh® General Sanitiser is an easy handling product with easy application technology, making it extremely suitable for application in sanitizer spraying technology.

  • It offers very effective and efficient alternative replacement products (competing products) for a whole range of quaternary based products, with a significantly reduced carbon footprint in both manufacturing and application processes and the provision of low carbon footprint human health products. 

  • Organic Fresh® General Sanitiser is non-toxic and supports resilience and quick recovery from infection. This makes Organic Fresh® General Sanitiser a globally unique product to apply.

  • Key value features of Organic Fresh® General Sanitiser include: 
    * Independently certified for organic input (CERES organic) 
    * Highly active and effective over a broad spectrum of organisms 
    * Non-corrosive and safe, non-toxic 
    * Remain active in the presence of organic matter 

      * Biodegradable 
      * Active in broad Ph range 
      * Environmentally and marine safe 
      * Cost friendly and effective 
      * Ingredients are environmentally friendly and food contact safe 


Benefits of using Organic Fresh® Sanitizers vs Alcohol Sanitizers?
It is very important to understand that the modes of action of Organic Fresh® rather classifies it as a sanitizer than a disinfectant. Keeping this in mind it is therefore easy to understand that Organic Fresh® is formulated to provide a protective layer on the skin to provide preventative support against pathogenic, harmful or other bacterial, fungal or viral infections through its very unique actions of blocking attachment and entry of viruses into cells, interfere with various stages of viral replication processes or translation and polyprotein processing to prevent the release of the viruses to infect other cells. Therefore, Organic Fresh® has no harmful effect on the skin. 

Alcohol has a well-known history of limited success with protective actions to prevent infections whilst it is well known to damage the skin with regular use. This because it permeates the skin layer and interacts with the fat cells under the skin – leading to all sorts of difficulties and uncomfortable skin conditions. Of course, the flammable nature of alcohol creates immense risks for everyday use.