Spray Booths

We have a variety of different applications available to you. Our standard models range from extraction only, intake and extraction systems as well as heating and baking systems. We also have teams that can help you to do the spray booth set up, install your spray booth lighting or any installation related to services Brasco specializes in.


We are the only company in South Africa that is able to supply equipment which complies with your specific Municipal By-laws in accordance with current legislation. We can also convert an existing room into a legitimate spray booth using purpose designed and engineered equipment for your specific requirements.


CJ 1 – Budget Spray Booth

The Model CJ 1 Budget Spray Booth is an entry level Spray Booth.


CJ 1 IR Spray Booth

This CJ 1 IR Spray Booth comes with an Infra-Red Heating System perfect for drying of spray painted surfaces.


The Model CJ 2 Spray Booth is our entry level model and is a down draft extraction system.

CJ 2 – Entry Level Spray Booth


CJ 3 – EU Standard for Export and For South African Municipal Approval Standards

This spray booth complies with municipal regulations and an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC) is guaranteed. It is built according to European Standards and is perfect for exporting and complies with South African Municipal Approval Standards.


CJ 3 – Standard Spray Booth

The Model CJ 3 Spray Booth is our standard flagship model and comes with enhanced extraction and lighting.


CJ 4 – Waterborne Spray Booth

The CJ 4 is designed for the use of water based paints instead of solvent based paints.


CJ 5 – Spray Booth for Large Vehicles and Mini Buses

The Model CJ 5 Spray Booth is larger than our Model CJ 2 and CJ 3 but works in exactly the same manner.


CJ 6 Spray Booth for Trucks and Buses

The Model CJ 6 Spray Booth is our largest model that can accomodate trucks and buses and can be manufactured to suite your specific requirements.


CJ 8 – Paint Mixing and Paint Storage Room

Recommended for all clients who wish to have a professional storage and mixing facility within their workshop. 

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