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We offer all of our customers a complete maintenance and service plan that provides for weekly and monthly inspection on units with applicable graphs that monitor their efficiency. In doing this, we will inspect all aspects of the unit, including pressure differentials, bearing and motor temperatures, pulsating, fan-flow and more. All of these readings are then captured on a graph for a 52 week period depending on the inspection intervals. Using this system, our clients can easily monitor the efficiency of their bag houses or dust collectors, which should be at 100%; while also ensuring that all electrical and mechanical repairs are done on the unit whenever they are needed. We also make maintenance contracts on individual units available, so call us now to find out more.



We offer design and installations of new systems that make use of the highest quality filter bags, to ensure that you get the most out of their performance as possible.



Our team will replace your current, non-operational filter bags with new ones should the need arise. We also conduct timely and thoroughly conducted repairs to ensure that your facility suffers minimal discomfort and downtime.



Over time, your facilities filter bag systems will become bogged down with debris and contaminants. This can not only undermine its performance and filtration but can actually put your facility at risk, depending on the type of materials that you work with. Flammable or combustible fibres and gasses may cause fires or explosions when they become built up in your system, just one more reason why you should call us to have them serviced for you.